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7 Delicious Ways To Use Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes

By Kim Rastelli / Date February 15, 2022

We can't get enough of the Semi-Dried Tomatoes craze! These juicy tomatoes are the perfect enhancement for any recipe, and we mean any recipe. We asked around our test kitchen and came up with some staples while also finding some pleasantly surprising uses for Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes! Here are 7 of our favorite ways to use Rustic Semi-Dried Tomatoes in our recipes.

Focaccia with Semi-Dried Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

By Kim Rastelli / Date March 29, 2021

Here at Wholesale Italian Food we LOVE a good Focaccia. We're talking about that nice crunch in each bite without sacrificing that light, fluffy interior. But how do you get that awesome crunch and still have that delicious interior?

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