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Direct 2 Door

Buy Direct from the Source.
Delivered right to your door.
Flat Rate Pallet Shipping.
Buy as much as you need.

Minimum Order of $150 Required for Wholesale Discounts.



imported italian foods

Buy Direct from the Source

Wholesaleitalianfood.com is a direct importer of Italian foods. When you purchase from our us, you're buying directly from the source!

Direct to door delivery of imported italian foods

Delivered Right to Your Door

We deliver your purchase directly to your business, restaurant or home! We deliver via UPS or a Flat Rate Pallet Shipment.

flat rate shipping of imported italian foods wholesale pricing

Flat Rate Pallet Shipping

No Maximum. Ever. Just one flate rate for your pallet shipment.  No matter how much you purchase! We'll deliver for one price to your door.

Flat Pallet Rate Shipping Zones

Zone 1
  • Florida, Georgia, Alabama
  • Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi
  • South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia
  • Virginia, Indiana, Illinois
Zone 2
  • Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma
  • Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa
  • Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
  • Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland
  • Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York
  • Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
Zone 3
  • New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana
  • Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada
  • California, Oregon, Washington
WholesaleItalianFood.com Imported italian foods at wholesale prices

We believe in good quality, authentic ingredients straight from the source.

WholesaleItalianFood.com is a true Italian Food Importer that delivers authentic high quality Italian foods to your home, restaurant, and business.

WholesaleItalainFood.com has partnered with true Italian artisans that have made authentic Italian food products for generations. We only import and deliver the most authentic and high-quality Italian foods and deliver them directly to you.

Wholesale has its Benefits.

Enjoy up to 25% discount on every wholesale purchase over $350.
Get Direct 2 Door Flat Rate Pallet Shipping anywhere in the country. Wholesale Accounts require a minimum purchase of $150 per order.
Account Verification may be required.

flat rate shipping one cost no minimum no maximum ship as much as you want of imported italian foods

Imported Italian Foods. Direct from the source.
Up to 25% off. Flat Rate Shipping. Delivered right to your door.

Ready to join the
Direct 2 Door program?

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

What does Direct 2 Door mean?

Our Direct 2 Door program means purchasing Imported Italian foods direct from the source at wholesale pricing. Your order is then delivered directly to your door, whether that is a home or business address. 

Is it really flat rate shipping?

Yes! What makes WholesaleItalianFood.com different is our flat rate shipping. No Minimum. No Maximum. Ship as much imported Italian foods as you want with one flat rate.

How do you deliver pallets?
Pallets are delivered via truck and delivered outside your address.
Do you ship outside the U.S.?

At this time we unfortunately do not ship outside the U.S.

How is shipping calculated?

Our flat rate pallet program is calculated by zones. Depending on your state, you will be in either Zone 1, Zone 2 or Zone 3. No matter how many imported Italian foods you order on your pallet, you'll be given this flat fee rate. 

Orders & Account

Are your products really from Italy?

WholesaleItalianFood.com are Italian food importers. This means we are able to offer high-quality, imported Italian foods directly from Italy! When you order from our store, you're getting direct from the source at wholesale pricing.

How long does the approval process take?

Approval process can take up to 48 hours. If you did not receive an approval or rejection email from us, please contact our customer support: customerservice@wholesaleitalianfood.com 

What forms of payment does the shop have?
We accept all major credit cards and paypal.
How can I change my payment method for an order?
With a Direct 2 Door account you can save your payment method in your account or enter a new card on the payment page at checkout.
How to check my order status?
You can check your order status on your account page!
I want to cancel my order
We're sorry to hear that. You can contact our customer service at customerservice@wholesaleitalianfood.com. 
I created an Individual Account, how do I switch to Wholesale?

Not a problem! Contact us and we'll gladly switch your account over! customerservice@wholesaleitalianfood.com 

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