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Pizza Ingredients

Authentic, High-Quality Ingredients Imported From Italy

Go For The Dough

How to Make
Neapolitan Pizza Dough

Make a classic Neapolitan pizza dough 
with the experts at Polselli.


What Pizza Flour Should You Use?


Polselli Classica 00 Pizza Flour is super fine wheat flour. Ideal for making traditional Neapolitan pizza. With a rise time of 8-10 hours, Classica is desirable for higher temperatures found in wood-burning ovens. 


Polselli Farina 00 Pizza Flour is super fine wheat flour. A mixture able to give the best in the production of bread, pizza and focaccia, thanks to a good elasticity of the dough.


Polselli Vivace 00 Pizza Flour is super fine wheat flour. Ideal for making deep-pan or oven-baked pizza. Vivace has a rise time of 16-18 hours, is excellent for low-temperature cooking, and works well in an electric oven.


Polselli Super 00 Pizza Flour is super fine wheat flour. Ideal for making light and crispy traditional Roman pizza. With a longer rise time of up to 26 hours and best at high-temperature resistance.

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What is Roman-Style Pizza?

Learn about this authentic Italian style pizza, how to make it and more with our friends at K Pizza!
Roman Style Pizza
Roman Style Pizza is the newest and most popular pizza style to hit American pizzerias. Roman Style Pizza has a thicker crust that resembles Focaccia.

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Does Flour Type Matter?
Super is a flour made by milling the best strong grains with a high protein value. It is recommended for working dough using the indirect method with long leavening times, and is suitable for the preparation of a traditional Roman pizza.

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Customization options are endless when you make roman-style pizza. Try adding sun-dried tomaties and ricotta, or prosciutto and spinach!

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Featured Pizzeria:

K Pizza Miami!

Located in Dadeland North Station, K Pizza is the first Pizzeria al Taglio (Roman-style pizza by the slice) in South Florida.

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