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Semi-Dried Tomatoes All Year Round

Semi-Dried Tomatoes All Year Round

Greci ProntoFresco offers an Italian Specialty of Rustic Semi Dried Tomatoes. Slightly dried cherry tomatoes, cut into quarters, flavored with aromatic herbs and in oil. The partial drying of the tomato maintains a pleasant pulpiness of the fruit which has a sweet and fresh flavor. Excellent with an aperitif, as a starter and as a side dish but also on pizzas and bruschettas.

Greci ProntoFresco products is one of the highest quality shelf stable Italian Vegetables on the market. WholesaleItaianFood.com distributes this line into the United States to make it a premier ingredient and well know Italian Vegetable line in distributors, and at pizzerias around the country.


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Semi-Dried Tomatoes are packed with flavor. Semi-dried tomatoes have been dried about half way, so they retain some moisture. Because of this they are best used no more then 2-3 weeks after opening the can because they will have a shorter shelf life. The flavor and the texture of the Greci ProntoFresco Rustic Sun Dried Tomatoes are unlike any other taste.


Eating tomatoes can be beneficial for the profile of fats in our bloodstream and has been linked to reduced total cholesterol, reduced LDL cholesterol, and reduced triglyceride levels. Tomatoes are also an excellent source of vitamin K, copper, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, folate, niacin, vitamin E, and phosphorus. So not only are these great to eat but they are also great for the heart. What else can you ask for in Semi-Dried Tomato? Get these Greci ProntoFresco Semi-Dried Tomatoes on WholesaleItalianFood.com

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