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Got Tutto Calabria Whole Hot Chili Peppers?

Got Tutto Calabria Whole Hot Chili Peppers?

Well if you don't. We have the answer for you if you don't! Just imported from Calabria Italy are the large 33.5oz. Jars of Whole and Crushed Calabrian Chili Peppers. This is great for those of us who use use Calabrian Chili Peppers in every one of our meals!


Get the Tutto Calabria Whole Hot Chili Peppers 33.5 Oz.

Get the Tutto Calabria Crushed Hot Chili Peppers 33.5 Oz.


WholesaleItalianFood.com is one of the original importers of this top-selling spice made with 100% Italian Hot Chili Peppers (Peperoncino).



What are Calabrian Chili Peppers?


Calabrian Chili Peppers from Tutto Calabria are made with 100% Italian sourced ingredients and Italian Hot Chili Peppers. They are delicious on sandwiches, added to your favorite sauces, and even martinis. Whole Hot Chili Peppers are wonderful on antipasti and pizza. Try them whole, sliced, crushed, and tossed in a chili or stew.


WholesaleItalianFood.com offers the full line of Tutto Calabrian Whole Hot Calabrian Chili Peppers. If this size is too big for you then check out our 10 oz. jar in three options; Crushed, Sliced, and Whole.



Tutto Calabria is a Real Italian Flavor!


Since 1970, Tutto Calabria is one of the original packers of Whole Calabrian Chili Peppers. These Tutto Calabrian Whole Calabrian Chili Peppers can be made to make Calabrian chili paste and will bring Calabrian heat to any dish.


The Wholesale Italian Food Difference


WholesaleItalianFood.com is the best place to buy Tutto Calabria "HOT" Chili Peppers near you. We ship in under 48 hours.

WholesaleItalianFood.com is the only place to buy real Imported Italian ingredients and products. We are a true Italian Food Importer that delivers authentic high quality imported Italian foods to your home, restaurant, and business.


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